Crane Glass - Antique Glass
Ian McKenzie, proprietor of Crane Glass, is Australia's leading
and last master glass beveller and brilliant cutter. For over
thirty years he has been repairing and restoring antique glass,
leaving them looking like new. For many distressed customers he
has been the last port of call for those who have damaged
treasures in need of restoration. Ian feels rewarded when seeing
satisfied customers leaving delighted with their precious objects
now restored to their former glory. Ian's renowned mastery of the
techniques of glass restoration has been hard earned and is the
result of years of dedication and application to what is a very
difficult skill to master. He says, "You only get one chance with
glass and if the glass is hundreds of years old you can't replace

With his passion for glass it is no wonder that over the years
Ian has collected well over a thousand antique drinking glasses.
The collection is predominantly English lead crystal glass,
dating from 1700 to 1900. English glass from this period is
considered to be the finest ever made and is irreplaceable. Crane
Glass is proud to be able to offer the largest and most extensive
range of 18th century English glass available for sale in

Ian has an unequaled knowledge of cut and engraved period glass
and has specialized in Jacobite glass. He has the largest photo
archive of Jacobite engraved glass in the world and also has many
fine examples of some of the rarest and best Jacobite glasses.
With his impeccable credentials you can be assured that every
engraved glass comes with authentic provenance of authenticity, a
rare commodity in these days when period glasses with
exceptionally high quality reproduction engraving are coming onto
the market.

Also on offer from Crane Glass are Dutch engraved glasses from
the 18th century that reflect another area of specialism for Ian.
The quality of this master engraving, including the notable work
of Jacob Sang, is unsurpassed and there is no one who can match
this superlative work alive today. This work was only available
to the very rich at the time of production and, being
extraordinarily expensive, was only seen in the houses of royalty
and the aristocracy.

English, and, to a lesser extent, Scottish and Irish, glass
represents the finest glass ever made with its exceptional
colour, brilliance and tactile qualities. Crane Glass is pleased
to offer a full range of this extraordinary glass with prices
ranging from a $5 Victorian glass to Dutch engraved glasses
costing tens of thousands with many affordable glasses in
between. You can be assured that every glass sold will have no
flaws or restoration unnoticed by one of the world's leading
experts in the field.
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