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After George Ravenscroft perfected the formula for flint or lead crystal in the late 17th century english glass quickly became knowen as the best glass in the world, it has remained unique to this day unable to be reproduced the metal having a special quality combined with the design skills of georgian times, their skill in production reaching its peak with the colour and mixed twists of the 1770's before the tax excise of 1775 and mechanization of the industial revolution forever changed manufacturing methods.

There are many books on the subject with Eighteen Century English Drinking Glasses by L. M. Bickerton considerered the bible on the subject for someone wanting to familarize themselves with the types of 18th century glass.

What books cant tell you is were to get them, what are fake, reproductions, how to spot damage, restorations, etc, it really is a mine field out there for the unsuspecting with major auction houses and reputable dealers selling fake glass simply becuase they are unaware themselves , with ex factory glass engravers using original abrasives to do the copies it is not hard to see how most cant tell.

Luckily we have Ian McKenzie a master glass beveller and brillant cutter with over thirty years experiance and a passion for 18th century glass and especially those of the Jacobite cause, regularly in contact with Geoff Seddon the author of 'The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses', he would have the largest photographic archive of Jacobite Glass on earth and his knowledge of the engravings and english and german glass engravers who made them is unsurpased, he has some of the most historically important glass in excistance and FOR SALE !!!!


All the glass displayed is glass we have or have had available, email us about any glass you would like we can accomidate all tastes and budgets from plain stems to the finest Jacob Sang goblet always in stock, we currently have 1/2 dozen jacobite glasses available with a few one of examples in rarity.

We are only the custodians of this glass, already ten generations old, you dont buy it ,your investing, becoming a caretaker of history until the next generation takes over.

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